On the second Thursday of every month from 11 am until 1 pm, Druid Hills United Methodist Church acts as a satellite location for Wesley House’s food assistance program. The contents of the bags can vary due to factors such as availability but generally, the bags will contain canned vegetables, canned fruit, soup, canned or frozen meat, rice, and beans. There is no cost associated with this assistance. This is a ministry of Wesley House in partnership with Druid Hills United Methodist Church.

Common Questions and Answers:

Why are Druid Hills UMC and Wesley House teaming up?
The simple answer: In order to assist as many people who face food scarcity as possible and to show our neighbors the love of Jesus. The longer version: Census data can tell us a lot about the needs of our neighbors. For example, the area within two miles of the church has one of the highest concentrations of people receiving food assistance in the entire city. What’s more, our neighborhood is also defined as a food desert due to a lack of easy access to a grocery store. Wesley House also noted that many people on West End who need food assistance from Wesley House had a hard time with transportation. In response to these and other factors, we decided to team up to combat food insecurity in our neighborhood.

What do I need to bring?
The only requirement is to provide a valid state or federally issued photo ID card.

Why do I need to provide an ID?
Due to a portion of the food being provided by the USDA’s Food Assistance Program, Wesley House and Druid Hills UMC must make a copy of all ID cards.

Do I need to provide proof of income or residence?
No. Only a photo ID is needed.

Do I have to apply through Wesley House prior to showing up?
No. There are two forms that are required by the USDA and Wesley House but you do not have to provide any documentation aside from the photo ID card.

Anything else I need to know?
We will verify that you have not received food assistance from Wesley House within the last 30 days (this will be verified with records provided by Wesley House). As mentioned above, there are two forms that you will have to fill out but we will gladly assist you and have plenty of space for forms to be filled out. We want to make this as easy as possible so these are the only requirements we have. Above all, we want to be the hands and feet of Christ by providing for a need.