The Journey of Transformation: Lessons From Elijah and Elisha

Transfiguration Sunday marks a special moment on the Christian calendar, falling on the last Sunday before Lent. It’s a day that bridges the joyful revelations of Epiphany with the deep reflection and penitence of Lent. This celebration is about remembering when Jesus was transfigured on a mountain, a miraculous event that Peter, James, and John witnessed. The gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke share this story, telling us how Jesus’ face shone like the sun and his clothes became as white as light. This wasn’t just a moment of awe for His disciples; it was a powerful demonstration of Jesus being the human and divine meeting point, reflecting His divine glory and fulfilling the prophecies and laws of the Old Testament, with Moses and Elijah appearing alongside Him.

The Transfiguration holds deep meaning, offering a glimpse into Jesus as the Son of God and the promised Messiah. It highlights Jesus as the connection between God and humanity, with His divine glory presented alongside His human nature. Transfiguration Sunday encourages us to ponder the majesty and mystery of Christ’s divine identity, reminding us of the glory that, though hidden in His earthly life, will be fully unveiled when He returns. The voice from the cloud, affirming Jesus as God’s beloved Son, ties this event back to His baptism, emphasizing His identity and purpose. This day isn’t just about understanding Jesus’ divine nature; it’s an invitation for us to listen to Him, follow His teachings, and begin our own transformations.

Transfiguration Sunday calls us to marvel, reflect, and change. It invites us to look upon Christ’s glory, allowing it to transform us and to carry that light through Lent and beyond. It’s a day when believers worldwide are reminded of the journey ahead, inspired by Jesus’ teachings and love, moving towards spiritual growth and enlightenment. This celebration shines as a beacon, revealing Christ’s divine mystery and greatness, urging us to witness His glory and step forward in faith, ready for renewal and a deeper commitment to God’s call on our lives.

2 Kings 2:1-12