Do Demons Know Your Name?

Acts 19:1-17​​

Anytime I read this text, I am always struck by the thought that I need to pray that the demons know my name. I know without a doubt that Jesus knows my name but what about the demons, what about Satan. If the demons don’t know my name, if Satan doesn’t know my name, then I am not doing anything that draws their attention or interferes with what they want to happen in the world.

When I say that I pray that the demons know my name, what I mean is that I am praying that I am doing what God has called me to do. If I am then, yes, the demons know my name because I am an obstacle to what they are trying to accomplish. Demons know Jesus and they know of the people following their call. The very last thing we should want is for the evil ones to not know who we are.

MSAC Bible Challenge

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