Presence, Protection, and Purpose

Acts 18:1-17

I think that many people today are exactly where Paul was when he got to Corinth. They have tried to do what God has led them to do but problems and lack of success have made them take a step back. It can be hard. I talk to pastors and workers in churches every week that are ready to pack it in and do anything else. People that have faithfully served on committees and taught classes in the church that have stepped back and no longer want to serve because they are tired. Tired of problems and tired of not seeing a difference.

Our calls from God are hard work with little, if any, reward here on earth. We often forget that we don’t serve the church for people, we serve the church for God. We may not have Jesus’ assurance that no one is going to attack us, but we all have Jesus’ assurance that he is with us.

The main thing that Paul needed to keep going was to be in the presence of Jesus and God gave him what he needed. When is the last time that you truly felt that you were in Jesus’ presence? Whether it’s been a while or not, ask him to come to you. Repent and ask him to fill you with his presence and then ask him what he wants you to do to serve him and our Father.

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