Being a Disciple

The Holy Spirit will lead us to people who are ready to hear about Jesus when we are prepared to tell them about Jesus. But for us to be prepared to tell people about Jesus, we have to do the work it takes to be disciples. I read a statement this week that said, “opportunities come to those who are already serving, not do those who are doing nothing.” Paul would not have had the vision about the Macedonia man calling to him had he not already been discipling others because, if he had, he wouldn’t have known what it meant.

Y’all have no idea how distressful it is to me when someone says that God doesn’t call on them to do anything or they never hear the Holy Spirit. It distresses me because it tells me that they have ignored God’s callings so much and/or pushed aside the Holy Spirit when he was leading them to do something so much that God gave them what they wanted and left them alone.

If you feel that God doesn’t call you to anything or you never feel the Holy Spirit urging you to do anything, stop and consider if the problem is you. In Luke 16:10, Jesus said that “one who is faithful in very little is also faithful in much…” Are you faithful in listening to God and acting on what he says?

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