Not to Be Served But to Serve

Acts 17:16-31

We cannot impress God with anything we do or anything we build. We cannot impress God when we follow every moral code. Our greatest need is not health, wealth, a great marriage, the perfect job, or obedient children. Our greatest need was someone to die in our place to save us from the penalty of sin and the power of sin. Our greatest need was someone to give us a way to escape God’s judgment and enter into a glorious eternal life.

For many of us, this means unlearning a lifetime of thinking. Yes we teach our children the laws of the Old Testament because without knowing them, we do not know what pleases God. We do not know what we need to be striving toward. But many of us as adults, are stuck in the same thinking that we had his children. “Oh, I cannot do this or that it will make God mad and he will send me to hell.” Or worse than that, “you cannot do this or that because God will get mad and you will go to hell.”

Loved ones, that is bondage, not freedom.

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