Do Not Be Troubled!

John 14:1-6

Last week, we talked about the consequences of information overload. When we have information coming at us from all sides, it can lead to confusion and bad decisions. When we get a lot of information at once, it can “trouble” our hearts. The disciples were encountering this in our text for this week. In chapter 13 of John, Jesus and his disciples have just finished the Passover meal. Jesus washed their feet. But then, he drops several bombs on them. He tells them that one of them would betray him and that he is going to be going away. He then tells them that Peter will deny him three times. Their world has been turned upside down in a very short period of time.

Then, Jesus tells them, “Do not let your hearts be troubled.” We, like the disciples, need to take Jesus’ words to heart . We need to keep our eyes on Jesus and rest in the fact that he is “the way and the truth and the life.” He is, even now, preparing places for all who come to him in faith. We are here for just a very short amount of time compared to the eternity we will have with him in glory. Stop fretting and worrying about things that God has in his control. Keep your eyes on Jesus and give him your troubles.

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