Be Holy

How much time do we spend thinking about being holy? I’m sure that most of us read our bible often but to what end? Does our reading Scripture result in a change in us? For that matter, how has being a Christian changed us?

Without a doubt, unless we accepted Christ recently, we have changed how we live our lives since coming to Christ but is that change a result of a deepening relationship with Christ or just because we got older and realized that the way we were living or the things we were doing weren’t what we wanted anymore?

In our text today, Peter reminds us to be holy because God is holy, but are we actually trying to be holy or are we trying to just be good?

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MSAC Bible Challenge

Sunday: 2 Kings 6-8, Monday: 2 Kings 9-11, Tuesday: 2 Kings 12-14, Wednesday: 2 Kings 15-17,
Thursday: 2 Kings 18-19, Friday: 2 Kings 20-22, Saturday: 2 Kings 23-25, Sunday: 1 Chronicles 1-2