Jesus Brings LIFE!

John 11:1-45

The real question for us is not, “If you die tonight where you going to spend eternity.” God’s already taken care of that. The question here is what’s killing you right now? What is bringing death into the middle of your life? How long are you going to hold on to your: fear, shame, anger, pain, unforgiveness, addictions, anxiety, or your past? How long until you let God raise you up to new life?

What’s killing you? Let me just tell you the good news: The Spirit of God is alive in this world, the Spirit of Christ is living within you & it’s ready to move against everything that’s disrupting shalom on your life, against everything that’s killing you. God is telling a whole new story… and it’s a story of healing, and redemption, and restoration & the defeat of death & all its friends.

We just have to have a tiny bit of courage & faith… just enough to open up to God, enough to welcome the friend who has come to trade his life for ours. Will you let the spirit of God begin to work in your life, to set you free?

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MSAC Bible Challenge

Sunday: Ruth 1-4, Monday: 1 Sam. 1-3, Tuesday: 1 Sam. 4-8, Wednesday: 1 Sam. 9-12,
Thursday: 1 Sam. 13-14, Friday: 1 Sam. 15-17, Saturday: 1 Sam. 18-20, Sunday: 1 Sam. 21-24