Remembering Our Baptism

Matthew 3:13-17

We can only be baptized once but we can “renew” our vows and be reminded  of the vows baptism represents.  When we remember our baptism, we are not just remembering the act of baptism or the day it occurred.  We are focusing that we belong to Jesus and have become children of God.  Who we are and who we will be is a product of our faith in Jesus.  We all want to be Children of God.

God told those gathered around the Jordan River, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.” Can you imagine God saying that to you, “you are my beloved child, and I love you?” That’s what God says to every child – you are loved, without condition; you don’t have to prove anything to be loved; just say “yes” to my love, open your heart, and let me love you and then let my love flow through you to others.

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