Spiritual Gift or Talent?

gifts1 Corinthians 12:12-31
Last week we talked about using our Spiritual gifts. Today, we are still talking about our Spiritual gifts and the difference between our gifts and our talents. Talents are available to everyone. Christians and unbelievers. Every person is created with certain abilities that can be of benefit to other people. However, it is believers in Jesus who are said to have spiritual gifts that benefit other believers and help in outreach to unbelievers.

Talents are essential to the church. How much would our services lack without music? How plain would our worship spaces be without those with a talent for decorating? Our church meals wouldn’t be enjoyable without our members who have a talent for cooking or the ability to get out of the house early enough to stop by somewhere and pick something up to bring. And Lord bless those that use their talent to watch over the finances of the church. We’d be lost without them.

But Spiritual gifts are different. They may come through when we use a talent and they may go hand-in-hand with a talent, but where a talent may touch someone while you are using it, when you put your Spiritual gift to work it can touch someone for a lifetime.

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