God the Son

While the exhortations were written to Jewish believers in their context, there is a lot of encouragement and comfort for us. There are also warnings that we need to take to heart. One statement I read really resonates with the reason I wanted us to go through Hebrews. “This book leads one from superficial thinking to profound depths concerning the person and work of Christ.” The deeper we can think about and understand our Lord, the more like Him we can be.

WordsHebrews 1:1-4

Today we are going to start going through the book of Hebrews like we did Romans last year. The difference is that I will try to post my research for the sermons online each week. To get to the exegetical work, click on the “Bible Study” tab in the menu and select the book of the bible to see an overview of the book and a link to the information on each sermon. Each sermon will also have a link to the exegesis for the week.

While I will be the first to admit that I can geek out on translation and background and all that stuff, there’s not enough time in a sermon to cover all of it. I’m hoping that this will help those who are interested in going deeper into the text get a little geeky with me. And, folks that don’t get all geeky over it won’t hear as much of it in the sermon, so it’ll prevent their eyes from glazing over.

While I will try to have the info available early in the week of the sermon, where if you care to, you can read it over before Sunday, I cannot guarantee that I will always get it done as early as I would like. I ask that you bear with me and extend grace when necessary. This is something that I genuinely feel that God is placing on my heart to do, and I’m doing it, but I admit, until I get a few weeks into doing it, I am flying blind. I am also very open to suggestions and comments, so feel free to email me with either.

Exegesis of Hebrews 1:1-3

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