Who is Worthy?

my worth

1 John 3:16-24
The world – and sometimes even we ourselves – tells us that we aren’t good enough. It says we aren’t smart enough, beautiful/handsome enough, thin enough, or pure enough for others to love us. The world often tells us and shows us that we aren’t worthy. Sometimes we hear that so much, we believe it.
We allow that feeling of unworthiness to extend to our relationship with God. “How can God love me? I did this or that and there’s no way God can find any worth in me.” In our tendency to listen to ourselves and the world, we forget a very key thing in our relationship with God. Just as we talked about when we were going through Romans, we cannot earn our way to heaven. God’s favor doesn’t depend on what we do, it is God’s unmerited grace that makes us worthy and nothing else. Well, if we can’t do anything to earn our worthiness to God, why do we think we can do anything that makes us unworthy of God’s love and grace?
How can we do anything to take away our worth when we can’t do anything to earn it to start with? Our worth to God doesn’t come from us so we can’t do anything to take away our value to Him.

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