Living Our Purpose

PurposeAt the time when Jesus asked Simon and Andrew and James and John to come, let him teach them to be fishers of men, it never crossed their mind that they were going to have to leave their home. It never crossed their mind that they were really going to have to move out of their comfort zone. They have been with Jesus for less than a week. From the text. He let them at the sea of Galilee, and then come the Sabbath. They were at the synagogue were Jesus talked and cast out the impure spirit, it was that evening at the Sabbath when he healed Simon’s mother-in-law, and now it is the next morning after the Sabbath.
Experience had taught them, in these few short days, that the people came to Jesus. They had no reason to think, at this point, that becoming fishers of men. For Jesus meant that they really had to do anything.
But Jesus tells them something that probably had not crossed their minds that he would say he would ask. He said, “come on guys, let us go to the next town are few towns over so that I can preach there too. This is my purpose.”
So now they have a decision to make. And even though they do not realize it then, this decision will be followed by many decisions. They follow Jesus when he called them by the Sea of Galilee. They followed Jesus when he left the synagogue. Now they have to decide are they going to follow Jesus to the next town, and the next towns.

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