Speak Truth

apocalypse 4140948 1920Mark 1:14-20 (NIV)

Here comes Jesus preaching the truth, preaching repent and believe. When I get a mental image of Jesus walking down by the Sea of Galilee, I picture a picturesque scene like we see today when we look at pictures of the Holy Land, a beautiful vacation spot. But in Jesus’s day, Capernaum was a place of commerce. It was a center of political and commercial life, a major crossroads for the ancient world. Armies and traders and diplomats all went through Galilee. One commentary I read called a “land of passing excitements and dangerous fashions, of barbarous dialect and offensive manners.
So it’s in this place, that Jesus busts in with his gospel, the Truth, the good news, the gospel of the kingdom of God is true, and peace, and hope, and salvation, and immortality.But to bring that message to the world can be a dangerous thing.

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