Communion as a Means of Grace

churchwindowAs Methodists, we believe that all three types of grace are available through communion and that, loved ones, is the reason that we have open communion. Through communion, God can convert, justify, and sanctify us with His grace.
Covid has interfered with many of the ways that we experience and participate in the means of grace and has left many of us empty and dry. We need a refill. We pray, we read our bible, but communion gives us something more, it gives us something we need, a refill of grace.
There is something the travelers to Emmaus needed, especially considering they thought He was crucified and dead. It’s the same thing we need, especially in this day of Covid and the world we find ourselves in today. We have the scriptures and we read them. We have prayer and we pray. But without the presence of Christ, bible study is an empty practice devoid of grace. Without the presence of Christ, our prayers are an empty practice, as devoid of God’s grace as the prayer of the representative from Missouri this week when he ended his prayer in the name of the hindu god.
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