Prepare the Way for the Lord

Second Sunday of AdventI’m not sure that our lives have ever fit Advent better than they do this year. John in the wilderness preparing the way for the Lord. We’ve all been in the wilderness before, for some of us, that wilderness lasted for a short time, for other, it lasted for a season or more. But, never, in most of our lifetimes, has the entire world been in the wilderness like it is right now. Yes, there have been wars, even world wars, but for the majority of the world, the war wasn’t happening in their home town. It wasn’t happening on their doorstep, it wasn’t happening in their own home or their own body.
The definition for the word Advent, is the coming or arrival of something or someone that is important or worthy of note.
The entire world is waiting for the arrival of normalcy and after this year, normalcy is definitely something that is important and worthy of note. But, we see from this week with cases going up and up and the number of available hospital beds going down and down, and we are in the wilderness.
Mark 1:1-8
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