Mind Your Own Salvation

Romans 14We are all guests at Christ’s table; invited by Christ alone. The question Paul asks in verse four is who are we to judge. None of us have the right to make someone feel unwelcome. Paul says that if someone needs to be corrected, that’s for God to do, not us.
Y’all think about something. One of the last things Jesus spoke was “Today you will be with me in paradise.” Jesus died welcoming people to the table, who are we to think that we have the right to uninvite them?
Think about it, we will stand before our Savior. Jesus Christ who suffered torture and an imaginable death so that we could be with Him in Paradise.
Imagine the feelings that we will have when Jesus looks at us with His love for us showing in His eyes and His face and He tells us of the things we did that broke His heart – the times that we lived for self, for our glory. The times that our self-righteousness led us to judge another’s faith.

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