Religion Doesn’t Save Us 8/9/2020

romans 10.9
Being released from the law by grace means that we have time to grow into the people God is calling us to be. It also means that others have the time to grow into the people that God is calling them to be. So often, we miss that though. Like the Jews, we expect perfection of God’s people including ourselves and leave little room for error. We need to err on the side of grace not only with others, but with ourselves. We all stumble, I’ll say that again and if you’ve got a pencil, write it down, WE ALL STUMBLE.

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The Sovereignty of God

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Paul was so distressed over the rejection of Christ by many Jews, he would have given up his own salvation if it would mean that they would accept Christ. Is there anyone that you would be willing to give up your salvation for in order to assure their salvation? If your answer is yes, do you act like it?
What are we willing to give up to bring others to Christ? We know that it is not in our ability to bring others to Christ by giving up our salvation, but what are we willing to do? Are we willing to give up arguing and fighting amongst ourselves? Are we willing to quit deciding who are sheep and who are goats?
Just like Paul told the Jews, we must understand that we don’t get to choose who is acceptable to God and, just like Paul we need to be more concerned with bringing others to Christ than we are about ourselves.

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August 2 Bulletin

A Glorious Future

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 8.38 39Paul tells us why we can have hope in that glorious future. in verse 31, If God is for us, who can be against us.” and he goes on to say that we are justified by God Himself, no human and nothing else can condemn us. Jesus who died in agony because of us is sitting at the right hand of God interceding for us. Satan can’t condemn us, he’s already been beaten. Other humans can’t condemn us because they too have fallen short of the glory of God and will stand before the righteous Judge just like we will. Jesus could, but He won’t. He died for us and is now our Mediator and Advocate. God Himself, as we are told in verse 33, justifies us, there is no one to condemn us so there is no condemnation for us!

Because of God and Jesus, we can be sure that nothing will come between that future and us as long as we keep our focus on God and the plan He has for us. God made the way for us to come to Him and Paul says that because of that plan we are conquerors. The things of this world cannot separate us from the love of Christ.

7/26/2020 Bulletin

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From Groans to Glory



Paul isn’t talking about our current physical bodies dying, he is talking about the death of the Spirit in us if we continue living by the flesh. If we are not trying to control our desires that go against the will of God, trying to mortify our base nature, Paul says that we will put to death the Spirit in us.

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Bulletin for July 19

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